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case were likely recorded. certainly there were wire taps involved. because of that issue of entrapment we don't want to have the government, in effect, committing the crime. >> reporter: another key to prosecuting the case will be the suspect's mental compaapacity. >> he's someone that associated himself with the taliban. is that a fantasy or is that something he truly believed? so those issues will be critical. >> reporter: now that undercover fbi agent is with the south bay joint terrorism task force in san jose. he is charged with the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. now let's it turn your attention to new details on the man and his past linked to high-power weapons. we started digging as soon as the story broke. tony kovaleski joins us now with exclusive investigation on 0 his criminal background, his mental history and why, tony, he was
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able to get out of jail after serving only one year of a six-year sentence. i know you talked to a source with intimate knowledge of this man. >> reporter: jessica, we've learned a great deal through court records and a variety of sources. he served in the marines but not a full term. he was discharged for medical reasons. he spent some time with family about three years ago in arizona before returning to san jose, according to his former attorney. the legal troubles started shortly after his father had him placed on a mental health hold at valley medical center. >> he was a trouble d individua in a lot of ways. >> reporter: this attorney represented him following an incident that started in this san jose home in 2011. according to court records, his father said he was hearing voices and acting stroing. >> the court had a lot of
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concerns. ultimately they felt outside experts felt that he was bi-polar, possibly schizophrenic. >> reporter: this is an exclusive picture obtained by the nbc bay area investigative unit. this ak-47 assault rifle and the three banana clips each containing 30 rounds were found in matthew llaneza's motor home. they were purchased legally in arizona but are illegal in californ california. court records show he was arrested for the weapons and he pled guilty to two felony counts. he was sentenced to six years but only served one year in the santa clara county jail. >> a six year sentence but only served a year. why? >> he received what's called a blended or mandatory sentence. it's fairly new in california. the idea is to give a sentence,
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give him some jail up front and then suspend some of it with intensive supervision. >> reporter: according to llaneza's former attorney, conditions of the probation included staying out of trouble, taking medications, continued psychological treatment and no weapons possession. there are also some very stunning details in the fbi's affidavit. we have posted the entire document on our website, go to and click on the story. raj? >> okay, tony, thank you. now to a developing story we've been following in the south bay. a frightening burglary in one of san jose's most established neighborhoods. a homeowner who suspected something was wrong called on a neighbor for help and that good samaritan found himself in trouble. they confronted the burglars. it happened in the santa teresa boulevard not far from the golf course. nbc bay area's george kiriyama has the details. george? >> reporter: raj, what a scary experience for one woman. e says she had just come home
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from working out around 12:30 this afternoon and heard noise coming from inside. carol mcbride said it sounded like things were being thrown around. she went around the back and saw her sliding glass door open. when she saw that, she went to one of her neighbors and said she was afraid to go inside because she believed someone was there. her neighbor went inside for her, took a look, and carol mcbride says she stayed outside the whole time. >> i was frightened for him and me and i could hear someone inside. >> reporter: there absolutely was a fight going on. her neighbor came up on three guys, one of them took out a gun and hit him on the side of the head. the three burglars took off, ran out of the home. police believe this was a burglary in progress. the neighbor who helped out had a minor injury to his head. the police looking for the three burglars right now. we're live in san jose, george
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kiriyama. he managed to escape but eventually sleep did him in. a parolee who got away from police on wednesday night is back today. officers on a routine patrol found anthony sanchez sleeping inside a stolen truck around 11:20 last night and took him back to jail. wednesday night sanchez escaped from officers after being arrested on hillsdale avenue. he pulled a houdini and slipped his handcuffs to the front of his body and stole a police van. he is now facing auto theft, burglary and drug charges. a victim of what police call a tragic accident in san jose. investigators say 24-year-old tamara fell to her death from the 11th story of city heights, a condo complex located at st. james and san pedro street overnight. investigators are not releasing any other information about what led to that fall. a major break in the case that has shaken a local city.
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police say they made an arrest in the death of a 13-year-old girl. her body was found in a park in fairfield last friday. tonight a 32-year-old man is behind bars. nbc bay area's monte francis joins us with the latest. >> reporter: raj, good evening. fairfield police and the fbi spent part of the day after suspect's house and at his work place which is reportedly a barbershop on oliver road. what is the connection, if any, between the suspect and the 13-year-old victim? officers arrested 32 ye-year-ol anthony lamar jones of fairfield as he was walking along the 1100 block of east tabor avenue in fairfield at about 7:00 this morning. police say he had been under 24-hour surveillance since early on in the investigation. >> we have evidence linking jones to this homicide, and we believe at this time he acted alone and there are no other suspects' names in this case. >> reporter: news of an arrest comes as a huge relief to both
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the family and friends of 13-year-old genelle conway-allen. the entire community has been in shock since the girl's body was found in a parking lot at the park. >> they have someone in custody and there are always kids running around here, that's good. >> reporter: the manager of a mini mart not far from where jones was arrested, and he seems to recognize jones from his mug shot. >> he would drop by here but he was not a regular customer. >> reporter: mohammed says he also turned over 0 surveillance video from his store to police. investigators were interested in seeing what happened outside the store between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 last thursday morning. a police camera just about 50 yards from the store captured the last known image of the girl wearing a pink hello kitty backpack that morning. >> i'm glad the monitor inside
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because it was so fast. there's nothing a human can do to an angel like that. >> reporter: and the girl's foster family release add statement in reaction to her arrest. her foster mother says we can now begin to say good bye to sweet genelle. we love you so much. may you find peace forever. officials still have not said how the 13-year-old died. the d.a. says the suspect will be arraigned on wednesday afternoon. we just learned the charges will include four felonies, murder, kidnapping, and rape are among those charges. a vigil for the victim is set to begin in just about 20 minutes. live in fairfield tonight, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> what a tragedy for that poor girl. fighting back against apple picking. the unlikely group now helping to fight it in the bay area. >> this is the biggest. i've heard it described as the
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safeway. >> also, expect a near miss. something the size of a football field. the upcoming cosmic event that has local researchers buzzing. >> and a boat cap sizes on the bay leading to a dramatic rescue. we'll show it to you. plus -- and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco. did you ring in 2013 but want a new chance to drum to a new beat? you're in luck. the chinese new year is just over a day away. we'll talk about this major celebration and how you can get in on it. plus, that weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes. doing a good job over there.
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an update over developing news. our chopper was over the scene as firefighters work to rescue two people clinging to a capsized sailboat in the san francisco bay. this all played out about two miles from the runway at sfo. firefighters say they managed to
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rescue both people onboard and say injuries do not appear to be life threatening. >> it's going to be close, very close. all eyes and telescopes are pointed to space when an asteroid weighing 130,000 metric tons will marrowly miss the earth. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us why scientists say it's going to be remarkable. >> reporter: you may be wondering exactly what a grocery store has to do with a large asteroid hurling through space. this exciting piece of video is all to lend perspective. >> this is the biggest. i've heard it described as the size of a safeway. >> reporter: next friday this safeway-sized asteroid is expected to pass close enough to the earth's surface to grab the attention of as astronomers. >> it will pass within several
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thousand miles of the earth's surface but then will cruise safely back on into space. >> reporter: he says the asteroid is the largest to fly this close to earth since the agency started keeping track. while the experts say it won't hit the earth 130,000 metric tons of flying mass still makes people a little mer vows. >> impact by an object that will pass next week happens about every 1,200 years. >> reporter: but to understand the true impact of asteroids striking the earth, you have to travel back 56 million years, the time frame researchers have new ly ply pinpointed the demis the dinosaur. >> the dinosaurs, we think, are wiped out around 66.043 million years ago and that's to within 320,000 years. >> reporter: in a paper published this green the group noted that along with volcanoes the final nail in the dinosaur
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coffin likely fell from space. >> one is that an asteroid slammed into the earth and that wiped out the dinosaurs and a lot of life on earth. >> reporter: next friday's pass isn't expected to be as spectacular but the space center will offer the public its telescopes to witness what may be the ultimate global drive-by. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. a little more science for you here. the series of flashing lights you're looking at could be the world's weirdest pictures. newly formed stars with overlapping gravitational fields. did you get that? images were recorded by the hubble telescope. astronomers are getting great insight into how gas and dust combine to form these stars and by noon only a few hundred thousand years old. >> now on nbc bay area follow-up, about a year and a half after the controversy, a
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judge is now weighing in on the issue. you might remember the story when alameda's emergency responders stood by while a man drowned. raymond zach's death on memorial day two years ago made headlines. police say they stayed onshore because zach was suicidal and would fight anyone who tried to save him. firefighters say they stayed onshore because they weren't trained or certified for water rescue. the family is suing the city. the city maintains its first responders acted appropriately in this tragic situation. the judge is expected to rule on monday whether the family can proceed with its case. allow some extra time driving this weekend if you're going over the richmond/san rafael bridge. construction crews will reconfigure the toll plaza. workers begin installing a new automated toll system. the work will begin tonight at 7:00. everything should be back to normal in time for monday's commute, but the work will begin again next weekend. >> san francisco's infamous
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double fine zones with so many pedestrians are due to expire at the end of the year. the law's sponsor now wants to make it permanent. the two zones are in high-traffic areas at 19th avenue and van ness. fatalities dropped immediately after the double fines were imposed. there's no doubt they make the corridor safer. the giants swept the tigers in the world series, and now the team wants to continue cleaning house. today giants outfielder hunter pence visited lyincoln high school in san francisco to kick off the giants sweep. it's an anti-litter campaign sponsored by the giants, the mayor's office, and the public works department. the message? simple. join the team, keep sf clean. >> i challenge every one of you, there's a decision every day between what's right and what's easy. a lot of times it's easy -- it's easy to look away when someone throws something away. it's easy to look away. i've been in a lot of cities,
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i've played baseball all over the country. san francisco is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been in my life. >> the campaign involves hand hands-on activities, workers who volunteer to pick up the trash. cleaning crews picked up nearly 23,000 tons of litter and illegally dumped tels. and how could you say no? >> and later in the newscast we'll check in with tim lincecum and his new haircut. all sorts of big news. where is jeff ranieri? is it the year of the snake, by the way? >> it's not the year of the snake. >> it is the year of the snake. this is a big weekend. >> i don't know. dragons is what i see. >> it's the year of the weather man. no, yes, it is the year of the snake, you guys. we're having a lot of fun out here at the asian art museum of san francisco. back here behind me the world famous lion dancers, part of the chinese new year parade happening in just a couple of weeks but the celebration, the rituals, they all begin the week before. many of you see that parade that
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you come to familiarize yourself with that lunar new year. joining us now linda ley. and, linda, a lot of people love food out there and what you're telling me food is a huge part of this new year's celebration. >> right. and you are what you eat. so if you eat a sweet cake such as a new year's cake and you will have sweet words. a lot of candied fruits and a lot of seeds to have lots of children. >> each one of these things on the table has its own particular meaning. >> every one has a very special meaning. any kind of cake, you'll get a promotion or children will grow very tall. >> so you want lots of cake and then you have the fruit which has -- i like this meaning. we talked about this earlier, right? >> a double meaning there. a play on words. the oranges are tangerine and it
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rhymes with another word that means lucky. so when you eat oranges or tangerines, you're very lucky. >> that's a good thing to get your hands on. over here some items you may cook with that also have another meaning that is kind of worked into that familiy reunion dinne that happens the night before the new year. >> the new year's eve dinner. if you cook with celery, celery will make you very diligent and if you have garlic, you'll be good in math. and if you have green onions, then you'll be very smart. so these are all the foods the parents love to give their children. >> you don't have to be chinese or asian for that matter to be able to get in on this culture. this is really a celebration that has crossed all cultural bounds. this is just kind of a fun dynamic of how this is all celebrated. >> yes. these are the traditions chinese celebrate, and we also have some money, as you can see. the gold and silver incas were the old money. nowadays look what we use.
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these are shaped like the gold and silver incas. >> that might bring prosperity? >> yes, some wealth. >> we're going to have to try those in a little bit. let's get to the weather maps. linda, thank you so much. i never knew there were so many meanings behind these foods, all about the lunar happening this sunday and then, of course, that chinese parade many of you have come to know in just a couple of weeks. the morning forecast will get cold. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. areas of frost across the north and also for the east bay. and then it if you want to come out to the asian museum they have exhibits open. the warriors exhibit isn't open yet but they do have plenty of things you can come on out and enjoy and the weather will cooperate. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s and also the 60s and, again, there's a lot of meaning to the chinese new year and also the lunar new year. however you want to celebrate it, we head into this sunday,
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monday, and tuesday and for the rest of the 2013 calendar. on that seven-day forecast we keep it dry and sunny. sunday, monday, and also on tuesday. and, linda, you said these bring what? >> wealth. they're shaped like gold or s l silver. >> i think i'm going to have to try one of these, raj. i just lost it. >> dropping your wealth? that's not good. >> thank you, jeff. bring some back to us in the stew studio. >> another investigative unit exclusive. see what happens when tony kovaleski confronts a local man about millions of missing money. texas makes a play for silicon valley companies and an executive cashes in to the tune of billions.
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they call it apple picking. thieves going after smart phones
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and tablets. public safety officials say that half of all robberies in san francisco last year involved electronic devices. the mta says it has undercover officers on most problematic lines and is increasing public awareness campaign. a lot of growth in silicon valley. now someone else wants to steal some of that growth away. we bring in scott budman. texas is messing with california? >> dispatching rick perry to try to convince techies to move to the lone star state. we found local businesses unwilling to move to texas but we were able to find out why doing business here is not always easy. >> i think as we face increased corporate taxes, it is going to
6:25 pm
make it more challenging. it is going to be less about silicon valley and clearly with the use of technology you can be anywhere in the world and be able to innovate and do your business elsewhere. >> now one company that seems to be doing just fine is linkedin. shares of the mountain view online career builder soaring jumping by more than it 21% to close out at an all-time high reporting quarterly earnings well ahead of quaul street expectations. and if a billion is cool, how about $2.5 billion? that's about how much google stock former ceo eric schmidt plans to sell this year, laying out a plan to sell close to 40% of his google holdings. picked a good time to do it, too. today google shares hitting their highest level since the company went public in 2004. raj and jessica? >> okay, thank you, scott. hackers hit the bush family. a personal information exposed by this attack. also ahead, experts are saying it's one for the record books. the latest on the massive blizzard back east that's stranding travelers all the way out west. >> and the dramatic search
6:26 pm
continues in southern california but there are problems. a former cop is still on the run. plus -- >> i'm sam brock. is it christmas early in san jose? city hall is reporting its first budget surplus in a decade. the mayor is promising things he can't deliver when it comes to breathing life back into the police department and other beleaguered agencies. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe.
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try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good.
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it's been a lean last few years for san jose, a city trying to recover from blistering budget cuts. >> perhaps nowhere have those cuts been felt more than in the city's police department which has seen rising crime and morale plummet. >> in tonight's reality check, sam brock puts mayor reid's claims about both issues, the budget and the police department, under the microscope. sam? >> reporter: the city is in the plaque for the first time in a decade. now the bad news, mayor reid and
6:29 pm
fellow lawmakers have cut funding to the city's most devastated agency, the aforementioned police department. they're hoping you might be able to step in and lend a few dollars. residents of san jose know the budget crunches of the last half decade have left city services battered and bruised yet despite the cutbacks they've taken solace in knowing that a far reaching tax increase like, say, a sales tax hike has been off the table. here is mayor chuck reid in his state of the city address. >> once we have our costs under control, we can consider asking the taxpayers for more money to improve services, but fiscal reforms must come first. >> reporter: here is the problem. the fiscal reforms the city has achieved so far have almost exclusively come from police pay cuts and a marijuana tax not from reid's signature pension reform plan, measure "b," because it's held up in court right now. and city services according to be san jose's own midyear report are not where they should be.
6:30 pm
with some improvement in the city's fiscal condition, the city has started to stabilize service delivery. although at levels that are far below what we believe is satisfactory for the community. yet despite not meeting his own criteria for raising taxes, here is mayor reid thursday night. >> one option going to the voters and ask for new revenues and the fiscal reform plan includes the possibility of a tax increase. >> reporter: mayor reid has floated the idea of a sales tax and strayed from his guidelines of 2012. now to the meat of the matter what about the struggling police department? in his address reid says he'll restore an agency that's been crushed by layoffs, deception and pay cuts and asserted the following goal to the next two years. >> to be more precise, the savings from pension reform, we can expand the police force by 200 more officers. we can do it and we will. >> reporter: but here's the reality. the san jose police department has seen its general fund budget
6:31 pm
shrink by $3.6 million this year as the city's overall general fund rose by $60 million according to city documents. reid promises 37 new positions this year and 200 over the next couple. james gonzalez, a detective with the force, says that's mathematically impossible. >> yeah, i think it's disingenuous to say we would be adding any police officers. we're predicting we would have another 100 and we know we won't even be able to do that with the ak academy. >> reporter: to be clear san jose police academy has 43 cadets in this year's class and 51 in next year's. >> we're nowhere in the realm of filling the numbers he's talking about. >> reporter: there are not enough recruits in the system to be able to meet mayor reid's projections and goals. another point that's being swept right under the rug, the department is budgeted for over 1,100 officers. according to gonzalez, it is staffing fewer than 1,000 making it grossly understaffed, something we already knew. now credit mayor reid with
6:32 pm
restoring libraries and community centers as he promised he would do. he's reduced funding for the police department and the fire department, for that matter, at a time he claims to be restoring services. i'm sam brock and that is today's reality check. back to you. >> thank you very much, sam. well, here is something californians haven't heard for a while. state revenues are actually up. today the state controller announced total revenues for the month of january $4.3 billion above what was projected in the governor's budget. that increase in car sales, rising home values and more construction are being credited for that boost. more now on that developing story out of southern california where there is still no sign of a former los angeles cop suspected of being behind a murderous rampage. heavy snow hampered searchers for dorner. they are searching big bear lake. now we've learned the suspect's mother may own land in that
6:33 pm
area. the entire ordeal began when a woman and her fiancee were found murdered. he represented dorner. yesterday police say dorner shot at three officers killing one of them. >> we're going to continue searching until we discover he left the mountain or we find him, one of the two. >> dorner's burned out car was found in the area yesterday but now authorities say it could have been a decoy or even a trap. dorner says his anger has been simmering for years and that he is now seeking revenge for having been fired. >> well, check your flights. the massive east coast blizzard is causing major delays and cancellations at sfo. more than 60 flights locally were canceled, heading to boston, new york, and philly. many travelers had to reschedule for tomorrow and beyond. this man is looking at a 16-hour
6:34 pm
delay getting home to see his four kids in new jersey. >> it was going to be a night flight but it will be tomorrow. i have to change my ticket. >> i'm not sure he's going to get out tomorrow either. the blizzard will likely force more flights to be canceled during the upcoming weekend. oakland and san jose have reported minimal impacts from this storm. so how bad is it? they expect this storm to be among the worst in recorded history. this is a live look at our radar right now over that eastern seaboard. tonight much of the northeast is a no-fly zone, about 5,000 flights have been canceled. people are being told to stay home and stay off the roads. the governor of massachusetts has banned all traffic as the storm bears down on new england as we speak. boston could get as much as three feet of snow. new york city, up to 14 inches of snow is expected. mayor michael bloomberg in new york city has put a quarter million tons of salt on standby
6:35 pm
for the roads. it turns out the very equipment meant to keep the lights on may have caused that blackout at the super bowl. the outage now traced to a small, defective advice. officials installed the device to protect cable failure between the incoming power line and lines that run into the stadium. clearly it didn't work. the power failure cut lights to half of the stadium for 34 minutes halt iing play between e baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers. a criminal investigation is under way tonight into how a hacker gained access to the personal fphotos and e-mails of the bush family including both for president. the smoking gun gave access to three years of e-mails dating back to 2009. also got phone numbers, home addresses of many family members and even security pass words to home alarms. the secret service is now investigating that hack attack. a whole new timmy. we take you tout visit with the world champion giants where all the buzz is about tim lincecum's
6:36 pm
buzz. >> and then where did all that money go? investigative reporter tony kovaleski confronts a local man accused of swindling investors and walking away from millions of dollars of debt. and is your job killing you what researchers are saying about the link between high-stress jobs and cancer. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri at the museum of san francisco. do you want wealth in 2013? well, we're kicking it off with the world famous lion dancers in san francisco and all you have to do to spread that wealth is apparently kick the lettuce. we're spreading it to all my nbc viewers right about now. you're welcome.
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in health matters a new proposal that could change the way parents clothe their babies and furnish their rooms. california health official outline new regulations that would stop requiring furniture and baby product manufacturers to use flame retardant. it was proposed after complaints about the environmental impact of chemicals used in flame retardant products. california is the only state with a mandatory flammability standard for residential furniture. you can blame a lot of things on your boss but probably not cancer. a new review of research finds no correlation between work related stress and the development of various cancers. now that contradicts several previous settings. the review included 12 studies involving 116,000 participate apts. although researchers found a definitive link between job stress and cancer, experts say stressed out people are more
6:40 pm
like likely to smoke, eating poorly, leading to increased cancer risk. >> we are back in a moment with tony kovaleski and an investigative unit exclusive. stay with us.
6:41 pm
tonight we have new developments in a series of nbc bay area investigations into a prominent south bay businessman. he sold cars in san jose and los
6:42 pm
gatos owing more than $5 million to local investors, the state of california and the feds. >> chief investigator tony kovaleski joins us with new information. tony, the pressure certainly appears to be growing here. >> reporter: that it does, jess. for nearly a year we have followed 0 his trail of missing money and failing businesses. he still owes bay area investors millions of dollars and tonight we've learned he's under a law enforcement investigation and no longer sits on the santa clara county sheriff's advisory board. you are the sheriff. will you recommend he is removed from your advisory board? >> yes. >> reporter: sheriff smith made that decision after learning details of ron's business resume. >> he stole my mother's money. he stole $70,000 from her. >> reporter: on hidden camera trying to explain why he didn't pay an elderly santa cruz woman the money he made selling her car. >> what did you do with the money? >> it got sucked in the black
6:43 pm
hole. >> reporter: after our story he did eventually pay that money back but there are others now chasing money from the south bay car dealer. how many of you believe you're a victim of a crime? they all invested in his business, now $2 million is gone. they thought these pink slips secured their investment in a san jose used car dealership. the money is gone and so are the cars. >> now if that's not fraud and criminal, i don't know what is. >> reporter: nbc bay area has confirmed the district attorney is now investigating ron. some of his former investors have told us they have talked to d.a. investigators in the last 60 days. harry osborne worked for ron selling cars. do you think he is aware of what he's doing to all these people? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: where did all the m money go? >> good question. i have no idea. >> reporter: investors have
6:44 pm
since learned the pink slips ron used to secure their trust are worthless. their names are part of his list of creditors in this $10 million bankruptcy filing. before our report, his name was on this letter head, a prominent member of the santa clara sheriff's advisory board. >> so for ron to do what he's done to bring the sheriff's advisory board out in front like this, it's very disappointing. >> reporter: steve hunt serves as vice president of the advisory board. he says after our report and pressure from sheriff smith, ron resigned from the board. >> if you have somebody that is tainted or has given a bad name or even brings negative publicity to your board, it's not good. and i think ron said, hey, because of what was going on, because of the story, i would like to step down because i don't want to bring that to the board. >> reporter: ron has answered to
6:45 pm
the leadership of the advisory board but not from his investors who want to know what's happened to their money, and why they spotted him in these seats. tony kovaleski, nbc bay area. he didn't want to shake hands after declining our interview request for more than a month, we found him sitting courtside in the second row at the warriors game in oakland. you have attended four consecutive warriors games. as for the money he owes investors, he wouldn't answer any of our questions. what do you say to the people who want to know where the money is? can you say where the money is, sir? he has another bankruptcy hearing coming up. we will continue to report on that progress and we will update you as the district attorney continues his review. his investors are calling for
6:46 pm
public accountability. they want to know what happened to their $2 million. jessica? >> okay. thank you very much, tony. a tip for our investigative unit, call us 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit. okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who has brought his show on the road. the year of the snake and chinese new year this weekend. take it away. it is. i am so overwhelmed. there are so many things that can bring you luck, prosperity, and fortune, but i just don't want to touch something the wrong way out here or eat the wrong thing and get bad luck. you know, i don't think that's going to happen. hopefully, as we mentioned, the chinese lunar new year, however you want to say it, is going to be happening this sunday. we're a day and a half out. it's one of the most celebrated holidays in chinese culture. and joining us now oliver shin, and you have written several books on the different folk
6:47 pm
lore, the year of the lion or the year of the snake. >> we just finished the year of the snake. >> you'll be able to seep the books. they are children's books, but you were telling me something interesting that they help to dispel the different myths about the different years? >> everyone has preconceptions how an animal is even if they're born in that year of the animal. we are creating a fresh story that brings to life ancient qualities we celebrate each new year but with a new animal and a new character such as the snake. >> that's great. thank you so much, author oliver chin. oliver said it's great for adults because if you're new to the chinese can culture you can read it from front to back. if you're the year of whatever, let's say and get the tips, the fortunes that might come your way by reading that book. let's get a look at our weather forecast. some great luck is in as we head
6:48 pm
throughout sunday for the lou march new year, as that arrives. and you can see we're looking at bad luck in the northeast. the blizzard is forcing one to three feet of snow here from new york city to boston. if you're doing any traveling even right here in california on a plane, you may face some delays, even some cancellations. now a move on 0 and as we head throughout the night, some very cold temperatures. areas of frost and also some slick roadways. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. it's going to be a real cold one out there. and then as we look at our forecast for tomorrow, we do have low to mid-50s. 53 back into -- or 55, rather, back into livermore and also 58 near san jose and temperatures in the mid-50s for san fr francisco. so we're out here today at the san francisco asian art museum and they do have plenty of stuff happening here over the next several days with that weather this weekend will be sunny and temperatures in the low to mid-50s and this is, once again, a huge part of the culture in
6:49 pm
the bay area and it is the year of the snake. go on google, check it out. see if you are the year of the snake. if you are, you may be able to slide right into 2013 with a lot of prosperity. on the seven-day forecast, plenty of sunny and dry weather coming our way into next week and, raj and jessica, i dropped some of my fortune earlier. linda, who was with me, says i have a way to redeem myself. i can actually grow my prosperity that will save me. >> the lettuce, means to grow wealth. and then there's -- >> i'm trying not to drop it. >> great. and there's some shrimp in cantonese is pronounced ha -- so ha-ha-ha. >> lots of prosperity. >> very nice. >> thank you. eat the lettuce, kick the lettuce. remember all that. let's get to sports.
6:50 pm
scott reiss joins us with a nice clean haircut. >> why do weather guys get to eat on camera? this off-season seemed short. winning a world series will do that. the giants will gladly trade extra tee time for another trophy. the annual fan fest at at&t. today media day with a two-time cy young winner grabbing the headlines. raj eluded to it, tim lincecum holding court with the new clean cut look, glasses, and a tight lid. somewhere between buddy holly and your local librarian. our jaymee sire was at the ballpark. >> reporter: tim lincecum's new haircut had the media buzzing on the eve of giants fan fest, but of more interest was how timmy spent his off-season. >> i just went to a different set of trainers not relying on myself as much but going to a set of guys i was working with in bellevue.
6:51 pm
>> his head is in the right place and he's done a lot of hard work. >> a big year when i was the heaviest i've ever been and then i dropped off and lost like 30 pounds. i feel like i lost strength with that and stamina. so trying to put that back in the tank. >> reporter: he tried his with best to squash any thoughts of bad feelings between him and mvp buster posey. >> there's nothing going on, just a matter of who was catching that way. >> what he did out of the bull pen with his credentials to do that, never heard one grumble about it. you're excited to play with people like that. >> reporter: the two-time cy young award winner admits his confidence was shaken last season but feels more focused than ever heading into 2013. >> changing my work ethic and getting on top of things that i need to do to take care of my job and not embarrass myself out there is my mindset.
6:52 pm
>> reporter: as the giants get ready for fan fest on saturday i had a chance to sit down with lincecum one-on-one and he told me that he's approaching spring training as if he does not have a spot on this team. he feels he needs to earn his way back into the starting rotation. i asked manager if that was the case. he said of course not. timmy has a spot on the team. he does appreciate when players think that way. >> the baseball season is approaching. the golf season is here. beautiful pebble beach, the p - pro-am. phil mickelson on the 15 at spy glass. and lefty finds the green, leaves himself a lengthy birdie putt. he is up to the task. mickelson finishes at 2 under. shot of the day coming up from j.j. henry chipping on the 11th at pebble and that will find the bottom of the cup. it's a birdie. henry at 1 under. ted potter jr. and snedeker at 8
6:53 pm
under par are your leaders. big game for the warriors right now in memphis. a one-point game. golden state up on the road early fourth quarter. we'll have full highlights and postgame reaction coming up at 11:00. >> we expect to see you with glasses at 11:00. >> and maybe some food. >> thank you, scott.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, trading sex for a place to live happening here in the bay area, and apparently it is completely legal. we're going to explore that issue tonight after "rock center" with brian williams. >> we made it to friday. >> we did.
6:56 pm
>> have a great evening and a great weekend. >> kick the lettuce. we'll see you. you can't move the tv there.
6:57 pm
yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- the most wanted man in america and his celebrity obsession from charlie sheen to mrs. obama's bang. the chilling package loaded with bullet holes he sent anderson cooper. >> alerted law enforcement. >> then who's on christopher dorner's hollywood hate list? and our f.b.i. profile goes inside the mind of an accused cop killer.
6:59 pm
>> this guy wants to go out, guns blazing. super storms, sequel. could it be the worst blizzard in history? >> the weather channel's stephanie abrams is with us. how bad will this storm be? >> this storm will be epic. >> plus, the travel nightmare. who won't make it to this weekend's grammys? now trending, lil' kim, is that really you? her shocking, almost unrecognizable new face. and crazy new video, selena gomez's fans jumping inside her car. then a.j.'s on the road with bon jovi for a new a-list interview. from his preshow rituals. >> touches a picture of frank. >> to his closed rehearsals and -- >> i would vote for this guy. >> is he planning a run for office? plus, mario versus maria. who had more bloopers this week? >> "extra," "extra"! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> hey, welcome "

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